Of Guppies and fog and turbines, haha!

Time for a photo spam post thingy.

I’m going to start with a video, this time. I recorded this recently, as there were four new male guppies introduced to the tropical tank. They are very lively and happy and are feeding well since their introduction.

And if you want to know where I got the music from, I downloaded it from this site The music is in the public domain!

New male guppies from SS Long on Vimeo.

There was some pretty bad fog here the other day. It was so thick, I could barely see down my own road. I could almost imagine some kind of monster galloping out of it or something. Sadly that didn’t happen, however! ;D


The plants are still growing well in the greenhouse. The sunflowers and the peas, in particular, are very nice. I can’t wait to see them when they’re fully grown.  I bet the sunflower will look gorgeous!


There was something strange looking hidden in the garden. It might be some kind of moth pupa, possibly, even though it looks like something alienesque, or even like dragon-poo. It’s quite big. It’s actually a little big bigger than a fifty pence piece. (I’m English, so can only use English currency for comparison! ;D )

And look! A massively huge wind turbine in Whittlesey! I took these photos at the weekend, as I was chasing about the English countryside, picking up a Christmas hamper from where my dad used to work.


This Christmas hamper was nothing more fancy than a cardboard box with the company logo on it! XD But inside were plenty of goodies, such as pies and biscuits and Christmas crackers and whatnot. There are some things that I can’t eat, though, like nuts. (I still maintain I have an allergy to them, no matter what that bloody doctor says.) Anyway, this hamper is something that the company that my dad worked for gave to their employees every year. One of the things included was a couple of gift vouchers, which are already now spent. (as partial payment on printer ink and a new food processor amongst a couple of other things.)


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