New story has been posted

… to my Wattpad account. This time, it has been written for a challenge hosted by @thefictionawards.

This loosely follows on from two previous stories of mine, entitled ‘Break’ and ‘Pride’ (in a newly titled series of stories – ‘Batty in Berlin‘.) You don’t necessarily have to have read either of the previous stories to follow the events in this tale, as I think ‘Transformation’ stands alone fairly well. It’s merely  the characters that are the same, in all tales. All one really needs to know is that Jacob and Noah are university students in Berlin, and they work in Subway. They’re both English; Noah’s from Birmingham and Jacob’s from London. Jacob is a were-bat, yet Noah is human. =D

More info about this challenge can be found on this page

This is the bluuuuuurb.

Noah visits his boyfriend Jacob’s flat on the first day of the holidays. They bake cookies and have fun, until Noah sees Jacob’s other self. How will he react?

Written for @thefictionawards’ December 2016 – First Day of Holiday [Teen Fiction] challenge.

The story can be found here.

And here is the front cover:



And here is the header image!

Copy of BREAK.png


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