A new short story has been posted

… to my Wattpad short story account. This time it’s for Wattpad’s @Mystery account. It’s a Christmas prompt, oh yes. (seems funny, considering I don’t even really celebrate Christmas myself …. 😀  )

Here’s  the blurb and wordcount!

A/N: Written for the ‘Season’s Greetings’ contest, as hosted by @Mystery. This prompt focusses on the following prompts – a picture of a jar of gherkins and the inclusion of the phrase – “And where’s the hammock?”
I’ve only posted one other tale in my Alpha Bloodlines series at the time of posting this story, although I have been writing in this series for about three years now. Alpha Bloodlines are a symphonic metal band, with members from England, (Richard and Tricia), Sweden, (Jonas), Australia (Travis), and Germany (Paul). Travis is a were-panther (he also makes various cameo appearances in my Kreuzberg Dragonshifters fanfic series), whilst everyone else is human. Richard and Paul are married, so obviously are a gay couple. Richard and Paul are not to be confused with the guitarists of the same name from Rammstein – I merely took inspiration for my character names from my favourite musicians.
Obviously, this story is not fanfiction, as Alpha Bloodlines are entirely an original creation. ;D
Please note: I am from England, so will refer to ‘pickles’ as ‘gherkins’ as that’s what we jolly well call them here.
W/C: 939 words

Here’s the original contest post – at @Mystery

Here is the link to the fic – Alpha Bloodlines: A Festive Tourbus Prank

And because it’s in a collection of short stories, it has a header image and not a cover. This is what the header image looks like – loads o’ gherkins! 😀




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