Hendrix and geckoes and dragons, oh my!

It’s time for one of my semi-regular photo-spams again, methinks!

One of my local town’s claims to fame is that Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Pink Floyd played here in the ’60’s. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite born at that time (that wouldn’t happen for another twenty years) and my parents were still living near London at the time anyway. I don’t know how recent this happened, but a plaque has been put up on the side of the hotel where Jimi Hendrix actually stayed at the time. It’s only recently that I actually made the point of having a look at it. I even managed to take a couple of photos of the sign, as I thought this a pretty cool thing! 😀

And because the Christmas decorations have been put up throughout the town, I took a photo of the tree, at least. It’s … a pretty poor show this year. The tree, in particular, is usually a lot taller and bigger than this poor ole thing we’ve got this year! ;D And what a grey day it was, too.


One of my hobbies includes making things, especially soft toys. One of my most recent creations is a bat. (I am, quite literally, batty about bats.) I made a soft toy out of an old sock, some felt, some google-eyes and some cotton balls for stuffing.

And here he is, the finished bat.


Talking of soft toys … I’ve actually bought one from eBay. I am not a fan of Disney films at all, but I do love dragons. So, I decided I wanted a plushie of the dragon from Pete’s Dragon. ;D This was bought from eBay but is coming from China. I don’t know when he’s actually arriving but I don’t expect him for a few weeks yet. He’d better start flapping those little wings like mad if he wants to get here any quicker. Come to me, fluffy dragon, I want you!


I’ve also bought my dad some headphones for Christmas, also from eBay.

I also have two new books to read. One of them is the gecko book I ordered from eBay the other day, while the other is The Pianist, which I picked up from a charity shop in town. I also actually paid for it, not just picked it up and ran off with it. ;D

Talking of books, here’s my year in books, 2016, according to Goodreads!


I’ve actually managed to get 100 followers on Wattpad! Wowza. I never thought that I’d ever get that many, but it’s nice, I suppose. Now that I’ve said that, some bugger will probably go and unfollow me now, or something! 😀


and to round off the post, here are two films that I’m looking forward to watching next year –

Transformers: The Last Knight

and War for the Planet of the Apes.


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