Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition

If you like writing really short stories, or just fancy the challenge of writing something in 100 words, the Reader’s Digest 100 word story competition might be just the thing!

It’s been running for seven years but I’ve only just heard of it myself a couple of days ago via Twitter. I thought it sounded like a fun challenge, so decided to enter.

There are three categories – adults, 12-18 year olds and under 12’s. There are prizes to be won. If you’re like me, and an adult, then first prize is £2000, while the two runners-up will receive £200. What a nice prize. Oh, and plus if you’re a winner, your little story will be printed in the June issue of Reader’s Digest, which is nice! There’s no restrictions on how many entries you can submit (or at least I don’t think there is.) You can enter more than once, anyway, but I don’t think it would be sensible to submit 3,000 entries or something, though! 😀

The editorial team will pick a short list of their favourites (three in each category)  which will then be posted online on February 27th, 2017. Then there’ll be a voting process, which will end on March 20th.

I have entered this competition myself and have submitted two short stories. It was a challenge (to write, not to enter. Entering’s easy. ;D ) but it was a fun challenge.  I probably can’t post my entries here, at the moment – at least not until after the deadline. 😀

If anyone’s interested in entering for themselves, then the full rules and submission form can be found HERE!!!!!!!

Good luck!


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