*Massive photo spam*

Time for a random photo-spam, methinks.

It’s been very cold in my part of England the past few days, with bouts of freezing fog and frost on the ground. It’s not been very pleasant, to be honest. This is the frost that savaged the countryside on Monday.

And because I love horses, I also managed to take a couple of pictures of the ones belonging to the neighbours. (these photos were taken before the frost happened.) There is a horse in that second picture, somewhere amongst the plethora of pine branches. It’s like an equine version of Where’s Wally or something.

I finally managed to take a photo of the five Chromis in the marine tank recently. That’s very rare to be able to do that, as they’re very skittish and they like to hide a lot. (Lokichen the cowfish is also there in the photo, lurking like a cute little fella.)


I also managed to take a photo of the koi while they were feeding. They’ve grown a little since they were put in the pond. I can’t wait to see them when they’re reeeeeally big! They’re gonna look great!

AND LOOK – Graffiti on my arm that’s not tattoos!! (I have got quite a few tattoos – like real ones, not pen-marks! XD )

My arms were scribbled on because I recently went for a nut allergy test at a Cambridge hospital. I was rather concerned about odd reactions I’ve had with pistachios, cashews and peanut butter. Those initials in the photos represent different allergens. I have no idea what all of them are, other than pistachios, cashews and milk, as the nurse didn’t actually explain all of them to me! 😀 Anyway, the results turned up negative to all but one of them, which means  I have no nut allergies at all. When I asked the doctor why I had the reactions I did to nuts, d’you know what she said?


I can’t believe a doctor actually uttered those words in  my presence where I could hear them! XD Even though she reckoned it was safe to eat nuts now because of the test results, I’m still not going to risk it. The reactions I’ve had, though mild, were worrying enough that I just don’t want to put myself in any danger, plus it’s kinda spooky that she doesn’t know why I had the reactions I did. *shifty eyes* There have been plenty of cases where patients have been misdiagnosed, so …. yeah. Not gonna risk it, all the same.

The only thing that actually came out of all of this is that the tests actually proved that I really am lactose intolerant, as I suspected. So, at least I wasn’t imagining that! 😀

And now for something a bit less stressful! I’ve recently ordered a book about Leopard Geckoes from eBay. I have recently become fascinated by these little fellas and would love to know more about them. I am very much looking forward to reading this book, as I’ve heard that this is the best book available on Geckoes.



Coincidentally it’s also my dad’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Dad!


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