War Eternal – a brand new story!

I have just posted another new story to my Wattpad account, entitled ‘War Eternal.’ This was written for a challenge held by @talesofthedeep, and the challenge called for a piece of flash fiction (300-600 words) which focusses on the themes of ocean and winter. The piece also had to include some Multimedia (a video or .gif and whatnot.)

The original prompt post can be found here

My entry can be found here.

And because my story is so short, I thought I might as well post it in its entirety here! 😀

War Eternal
by @S-S-Long

A/N: Written for @talesofthedeep’s Mertastic Contest #1. I chose to write about Vikings, as I’m a massive nerd about anything Norse/Viking related.
The following video is the suggested soundtrack for this piece. (I love this song.) It also provided the title for the story. And yes, that is Alissa White-Gluz’s real voice. :o)

W/C: 415 words


Beneath the weight of the winter moon lay the stormy oceans, whipped by wind and by snow alike. Each crest is rimed with ice, yet the surface never freezes. It’s ever moving, ever restless, ever ferocious, threatening to suck unsuspecting sailors down, down, down into the murky depths. It’s a war eternal between human and element, and the water will always win the day.
Beneath the waves, many have lost their lives, never to see life and the surface again. The bones of pirates and Vikings and innocent fishermen alike litter the ocean floor, yet there is no rest for the dead, even in the restlessly moving waters of the oceans. In one such wreck, built from the bones of a dozen Viking men, and the slats of a dragon-headed longboat, the souls of the Viking warriors meet once more, as they do at every year’s end. It’s Yule and the warriors remember again what it was to be Viking, to raid and to pillage and to burn, when things were simpler, when all the world could be taken and fought for. That was a war of a different kind, yet still as eternal as the sea.
Three Viking men lead the festivities, grinning faces visible through the moving waves, laughter seen yet unheard in the restless water, as soul after soul joins the fray. Old times are recounted anew and relived again, and gold is lusted after and counted afresh. Their constant yearning for ascension to Valhalla remains unmet. They did not die in battle. The waves of the restless ocean saw to that and there they lie still, wanting to be elsewhere yet their souls are chained to the remains of their own dragon-boat where they spent their life.
Yet they do not mind. They know their time will come when they will be reborn again and live and fight and die in battle. Their empty flagons are lifted again and again, in ceaseless toasts and ferocious revelries, as the flesh of fish is consumed in place of the Yuletide meal of game, or stew, sopped with bread. Fish is all they ever can eat down upon the ocean bed. Viking cries rise in bubbles to the ocean above, to break free and almost be heard through the noise of the breaking winter waves. And if one listens carefully enough, should one care to, one could almost hear the words they utter.


To Yule!

To Valhalla!

And yet again – skål!


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