Plants and snails and sheds, oh my!

I think it’s probably time for a photo post, as, in the words of Staind – It’s been awhile!

I know this will seem weird to take a photo of my own mail, but there  is a method to my madness. Probably only I will find this funny, but there we are! 😀

Here’s the letter in question, from that English (and fairly expensive) supermarket, Sainsbury’s. Ignore the burger; he’s just covering up my address, as I don’t want unsolicited mail! 😉


All well and good so far. Now, take a look at that fella on the left-hand side of the envelope. He reminded me an awful lot of Flake Lorenz from Rammstein (very cool German band who’s actually my favourite band.) And here they are, side by side. They almost could be twins.

And now for some photos of the plants in the greenhouse.  Everything’s growing quite nicely, which is nice.


And if anyone just happens to want to know what the plants are fed with – it’s Miracle-Gro.  (and filtered water too.) MIRACLE-GRO IS GREEN, I TELL THEE, LURID GREEN. (It’s almost like a green version of the stuff from Peckham Springs, if anyone’s seen that particular episode of Only Fools and Horses.)  I wasn’t expecting it to be that colour. (I wasn’t into growing things before the greenhouse, so hadn’t actually ever seen what Miracle-Gro looks like) Hmm. Yummy.

There was an unwanted visitor in the greenhouse today. *raises eyebrow* *raises other eyebrow* It was a snail, which is not a good thing. It will chomp on the delicious leaves, if left. I didn’t kill him – I don’t really like killing things if I can help it. I just picked him up and put him outside. Here is the little blighter. He’s only tiny. Bless.


And a new shed has appeared in the garden! (sadly not by magic or even by alien intervention – my dad built it! =D ) And here are a few before and after shots.

Lovely! =D


And now for something completely different.

And because I really am a fully functioning adult, and not childish in the slightest (ummmm?), I had to  laugh when I saw how many boards I recently was following on Pinterest. 69- the magical number. =D


I am actually now following a few more boards now since I made that screen-cap, which is almost a shame! XD

And if anyone wants to follow me on Pinterest, then you certainly can if you like! All are welcome and I won’t bite.

And here is the link Very Pinteresting!

I’m also on Twitter, too.


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