Alien lizards invade my Wattpad account

… because I have just posted a new story! About seven-foot alien lizards. ;D It’s another challenge entry, this time for the @ProjectRefresh account.

Here is the bluuuuurb.

Every story has its beginning.

Every friendship has its origin point.

Every quest has to kick-start somewhere.

Gregg, a solitary Drakkar, goes it alone amidst the stars; this is the story of his first step aboard the B.C. Revenant and details his first meeting with who would become his greatest friend in all the known universes – Dann Wachowski.

This is a prequel to my story, Shadows of the Past, written for the ProjectRefresh challenge #2.

This is a bit more info about it.

This is a short tale set in my ‘Drakkar Chronicles’ series, and although this is actually a prequel to my story ‘Shadows of the Past’, I think that this stands alone fairly well. All one really needs to know, is that the character narrating the piece is a seven-foot tall lizard-like alien (a Drakkar) called Gregg, and he works for Earth Command, despite the fact that once, his race was an enemy of all throughout the known universe(s). He is close to a human male called Dann, and a half-dead telepathic alien being, of the Nekrotar’h race (who doesn’t actually appear in this tale.)

And this is the link where you can find it at HERE.


And here is the front cover, complete with lovely lizard mwaha.




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