Two shows I’m looking forward to …

… will be returning within the week! I greatly enjoyed the other serieseseses of these (whatever the plural of series is, if there even is one!) I literally only watch about half a dozen current TV shows and am literally clueless about all else. (I haven’t even switched on my TV set for eight years – the shows I do actually watch, I download.)

And these are the shows I’m looking forward to!

The Man in the High Castle!

and Vikings.

And if you’re really affected by hanging scenes or scenes of a suicidal nature, then please, don’t watch this video. It’s … not exactly comfortable viewing.

Meanwhile, in other news, Rammstein (one of my favourite bands) have announced a handful of European tour dates ( which can be viewed here ). It’s a shame that there’s been no dates announced for England yet, let alone any that’s not a festival appearance. It’d be nice to see them performing on their own tour and not involved with a festival. Maybe one day, they will, when they finally release that much-anticipated album that all the fans have been waiting for, for eleventy-hundred years. 😉


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