New story has been posted …

… to my Wattpad account, and it’s about Jay and Quinn the gay dragonshifters!

Here is the blurb –

Jay and Quinn the gay dragon-shifters take part in the biennial Esterloch Baking Contest. They discover, to their dismay, that all is not as it seems with the ingredients they’ve been given. What are they supposed to do?

And here is more info about it –

Written for @TheFaeFolk’s fourth contest, which focusses on ‘Plot Twists’. I chose to turn a baking contest on its head.

This is also another entry to my Dragons of Fire and Ice series, although I don’t think you necessarily have to be familiar with the previous stories to (hopefully) enjoy this one. I think this stands on its own quite well. All one needs to know is that the stories feature a pair of gay dragon-shifters – Quinn is an Alpha fire dragon, whilst his mate, Jay, is a Beta ice dragon. They communicate via a colour-based form of emotional telepathy, similar to synesthesia.

Here is the link to it – RIGHT HERE

And here is the front cover.



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