L. Ron Hubbard Writers & Illustrators of the Future Competition

To all my fellow aspiring writers/illustrators who love and write/draw in either or both fantasy or sci-fi, I’m sure you must have heard of the –

L. Ron Hubbard Writers & Illustrators of the Future Competition!

And if you haven’t, then it’s an exciting competition! It’s counted as a professional market, and runs once a quarter. There is a separate competition for both writers and illustrators, which is great. There’s no entrance fee, which is nice, and there are cash prizes, all paid in US currency.

1st place – $1,000,

2nd place – $750,

3rd place – $500

You don’t have to be a resident of the U.S. to enter this, although your story must be in English if you’re entering the writing competition. This is lucky for me, considering I actually live in England. XD Obviously, you can’t plagiarise someone else’s work as that is on very bad form, I tell you. Also, the judges, both past and present, are professional writers, such as Kevin J. Anderson, Frederick Pohl, Orson Scott Card and Todd McCaffrey, amongst many others. This is exciting, yet scary for me, as I have been reading a lot of these authors for many years, and even look up to more than a fair few of them.

Here is the link to the writer’s competition ta-daaaa

And this is the link to the illustrator’s competition – yooooooo

The rules for the illustrators are a little different to the writer’s rules, which I cited above, and the cash prize is $1500 each quarter.

I have actually entered this myself, so I can attest that this is all above-board and kosher and whatnot. (I would never knowingly advertise something that was a bit dodgy. ;D ) I have also been notified by e-mail that my story has been accepted into this quarter’s competition. This is very exciting news for me, as this is the first time I have ever entered this. It would be rather lovely to win something, but even if I don’t, it won’t matter. I will always enter again, as it’s exciting! 😀 Obviously I can’t link to the story entered, as it’s not actually published anywhere online yet. Only I and the judges of the competition have a copy of it, each. The results for this quarter won’t be announced until the middle of March next year (2017 at time of writing), so quite likely the story won’t be revealed until after the results have been revealed.

If anyone else, who happens to read this post, is entering, good luck!

(and I’d also like to take the time to give kudos to the @Fantasy_Community on Wattpad for first bringing this to my attention.)


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