Of Rain, Pea Soup and Lavender

I think it’s time for a random photo post and whatnot!

Today, my part of England saw torrential rain, which I think must have been an off-shoot of Storm Angus that has been lashing parts of my country the last couple of days. It was pretty bad where I’m at, but I have heard reports that it’s been far worse in other parts of England (if you’re in the UK, and you’re reading this, then stay safe, and I hope all’s well.)

Here’s a few photos of how bad it was here; these photos were taken at 3pm, and it looks a lot later, I think. Parts of the roads and villages round about where i live were quite badly flooded. One road was blocked off completely, and a diversion created, to go around what must have been a completely washed out road. Not good, at all.

I received my copy of the Exorcist in the post a few days ago (which explains the pea soup of the title.) I watched  it whilst eating dinner (probably not wise, given the vomiting pea soup scene and whatnot) and I was surprised to find that although I’ve seen the film a few times already, I couldn’t actually remember hardly any of it. Weird.

And I managed to take a photo of the solitary lavender shoot in the greenhouse. It may be solo and tiny and rather sad all on its lonesome but it’s a start. It’s also a very cute start. I’m sure more will follow. *fingers crossed*


I also have a video, which I created recently. The video is a slideshow of photos taken by myself and my father at Download Festival, 2016, which I recently re-discovered whilst looking through photos on my phone. Some of the photos show performances by Korn and Rammstein (even though they’re not that clear) as well as Rammstein’s signing session for Kerrang! It was a great day (Friday 10th June) and I greatly enjoyed myself, especially when meeting Rammstein and seeing them perform (at last!)

Please note that all photos are the property of both myself and my father, so please don’t claim any as your own.

Download Festival 2016 from SS Long on Vimeo.

And to round this post off, I have had a lot of drama with the fish recently. Lokichen, my long-horned cowfish, managed to trap himself between a rock and the back of the aquarium and seemed unable to work himself free on his own. Of course, I helped him out, and he’s now swimming around as lively and as cute as ever. I also had to help out Chris, one of the clownfish, who managed to jump completely out of the tank. I think the shoal of Chromis scared him. Luckily, I managed to nudge him back into the tank before it was too late, and now, he, too is swimming around as happily and as cute as ever. He’s stuck by the side of his mate, Karl, closer than ever since it happened. (and Karl is actually female, despite her masculine name! XD They were named after two of my favourite actors, Chris Pine and Karl Urban.)


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