Mystery Friday (on Saturday …. )

I’ve just posted a short story on my Wattpad account. It was especially written for @Mystery challenge, which focusses upon the emotional aftermath of a missing person’s case. The story’s supposed to be tagged #MysteryFriday, which is confusing as I’m posting it on a Saturday!

Whilst this may be the first time I’ve posted an Alpha Bloodlines story onto Wattpad, this is not actually the first tale that I’ve ever written about the band. (I’ve been writing entries in this series for roughly three years now.) Alpha Bloodlines are a symphonic metal band, with members from England, (Richard and Tricia), Sweden, (Jonas), Australia (Travis), and Germany (Paul). Travis is a were-panther (he also makes various cameo crossover appearances in my Kreuzberg Dragonshifters fanfic series), whilst everyone else is human. Richard and Paul are married, so obviously are a gay couple. Richard and Paul are not to be confused with the guitarists of the same name from Rammstein – I merely took inspiration for my character names from my favourite musicians.
Obviously, this story is not fanfiction, as Alpha Bloodlines are entirely an original creation. ;D


This is the link to the story – Alpha Bloodlines: Concrete Jungle


This is the link to the original contest post Contest 3: Missing Person

And because the story is included in a book of short stories on my account, here is what the header image looks like.



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