Packages and whatnot!

It’s exciting for me, because today, I received a package from my friend in Germany. This package is for Christmas so I can’t open it for another few weeks yet! 😉  It has lovely dragons on it. I love dragons. There’s also a cute little fish on there and a German flag. (I also love fish, and obviously Germany, too. XD )  EThe courier who delivered the package had the loudest radio ever; it sounded as though she had a full-blown concert going on in her bloody van. XD

Anyway, here’s a few photos of the package, but I’ve not included any of the address label, for obvious reasons. =D Don’t want any unsolicited mail being sent to myself or to my friend, thanks much! =D

It is also my friend’s birthday today (the same lovely friend who sent me the above package.) Because she lives in Germany, I sent her birthday package a couple of weeks ago (along with another, separately wrapped gift for Christmas.)  I’ve just found out that my friend has now opened her gift and  loves what I sent her. I think that’s fantastic to hear that she does; I loved putting the package together for her, as well as making some of the gifts, too. ❤

I think it’s time for an update on the greenhouse. Things are growing quite nicely in there, which is nice. Also, the lavender is starting to grow, but I don’t have a photo of that yet. The shoot is too small; maybe, once it starts growing a little more, I will be able to take that photo!

And when sorting out the wood to chuck on the greenhouse woodburner, I discovered a piece that had been cut like a pair of trousers. I think this might have been done by accident, or at least, I hope it was. I dunno why anyone would purposefully cut wood like this, if it wasn’t by accident. =D


And if none of this tickles your pickle, have a smiley gecko. (I love geckoes.)



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