Time for another list!

ETA: PLEASE NOTE: My Wattpad account is now for personal archiving purposes only. I am no longer using my Wattpad account as I left the site completely in Feb. 2017. Thanks for understanding.


I think I should make a list of all my story lists on Wattpad. I have categorised all my stories into their own separate lists, for ease of use. (both for readers, so linked stories can be found in their proper sequences and for me, so I can find all the darned things, easier! XD ) I feel kind of creepy and arrogant or something through doing that, but I’m not intending to be. (‘cos that’s just yukky.) It’s just my attempt to be organised. (okay, anal! XD )

I think this list is gonna be quite long, but long things are definitely best all round. ;D

Brief explanations as to what the dickens these series are all about, can be found after the links.


Dragons of Fire and Ice (high fantasy, non-explicit M/M, dragons)

Short Stories (what it says on the tin)

Tales of the Georgia Vampires (urban fantasy, non-explicit M/M, vampires)

The Drakkar Chronicles (sci-fi, aliens)

Norse Mythology (what it says on the tin)

The Terralink Pack (werewolves, urban fantasy)

7 Shots (explicit M/M)

Batty in Berlin (non-explicit, M/M, teen-fic, urban fantasy)

Alpha Bloodlines (non-explicit, M/M, symphonic metal band, were-panther)

Random (essays)


Kreuzberg Dragonshifters (Rammstein) (urban fantasy, dragons, explicit M/M)

Vampires in Berlin (Rammstein) (urban fantasy, vampires, explicit M/M)

Rammstein (explicit M/M)

Star Trek (mostly explicit M/M, with a few gen!fics thrown in for good measure)

Assorted Fanfic (what it says on the tin)

Thor/Loki (MCU) fanfics (explicit M/M)




PLEASE NOTE: This is not stuff I’ve recorded myself (I don’t do audiobooks …. yet!), this is stuff that’s been recorded of my own works.


Star Trek: A Wonderful Accompanist


And just so it’s not like a shameless self-promo (yuk!!!!), this is the type of stuff I like to read. It’s a WIP, so there’s gonna be loads more lovely stuff added to this in the future. Yiss!

S S Long’s Wattpad reading list


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