A new story has been posted

… to my Wattpad account. It’s for a @WattyWolves challenge.

The prompt is:

The first time she changed into a werewolf, she was afraid that she would kill those who were closest to her. She was surprised to find out that she only looked different and didn’t actually think any differently at all.
Even though she was only in high school, she knew that she had to use her superior strength and speed to help those less fortunate than her. She went prowling the streets looking for crime to stop.
On her first day she thwarted a mugging and on the next she even stopped a woman from being assaulted. She loved her new ability, but her parents were starting to get suspicious. She hoped that by telling them she was in a number of new clubs and other activities that they would stop asking her questions. Until one day, her father spotted her after she’d completely transformed. What happens next?

The story can be found ‘Ere

And this is the cover ….



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