And now for something completely different …

I thought I’d do a massive picspam of random things that I thought were interesting of late.

Today, whilst out on my travels, I saw a hot air balloon. One photo is of it being deflated in a field, and  the other is of it just coming down to land. The balloon is beneath the black arrow (which obviously I put on afterwards. XD It’s not like random black arrows are flying all around the English countryside all of a sudden. =D ) Even if the balloon isn’t readily seen, the scenery’s still quite nice (and this is the area near where I live. ;D )


The other day, I planted a mango seed! I love mangoes; they’re one of my favourite fruits, and someone my dad knows was saying about the seeds that are found within the stones inside mangoes. So I cut a mango stone open, and was surprised with how it actually looked. It’s quite big! I was expecting lots of little seeds, to be honest.





The water’s getting clearer in the koi pond which is nice. The fish can be seen a lot better now, both swimming around and feeding. Bless.


And I’ve just bought THIS



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