Three pieces o’ news this chilly November morn’!

First piece of news!

I’ve just posted another in my Tales of the Georgia Vampires series, as a challenge entry. It features two vampires having a bad night at their local 7-Eleven store.

The story can be found here – Glitch in the System

And here’s the graphic header thingy for it (this will be added to the main post later on when Photobucket decides to stop being a petulant whatnot. Talk about life imitating art!)



My second piece of news is – I’ve won another challenge on Wattpad! It’s for a challenge hosted by WattyWolves and the prompt focussed on someone’s first shift.

My story can be found here – Crimson Regret

Here’s the lovely sticker that I won as a prize thingy! (and how lovely it is too.)


And here is the sticker attached to the cover o’ my story.


Apparently I’ve also won ANOTHER challenge and I wasn’t told about it! hahaha! XD (I only found out by accident because I’ve just re-checked my notifications on Wattpad and saw the story listed in the contest winners!) It’s another werewolf one for WattyWolves! It’s all gone wolfy today.

Here’s the link to the story – The Shadow Killer

Here’s the cover for it, both with and without the sticker!



ETA: I have just posted another challenge entry to my Wattpad account, which as an acrostic for a @WattyWolves challenge. I have never done an acrostic before.

Werewolf acrostic


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