Norse Myth retelling

I’ve just posted a story to my Wattpad account a few moments ago, which is my entry for @lgbtq and @ _Once_Upon’s fairy tale retelling challenge. I had great fun with this as I am a huge nerd for anything Norse mythology related, so wanted to take the chance to write about something which I really love.  My favourite Norse gods are Thor and Loki (not to be confused with the characters portrayed by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston respectively in the Marvel movies, although I do love anything Marvel related too. As such, this is not fanfiction! ;D )

Follow dat link if you want to read the tale – From Hammer to Hand

(and this is the original myth, if you don’t know it – In which Thor is a Transvestite and he loses his Mjollnir )

And this is the cover for it, oh yes, it is indeed.



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