Lots o’ things!

I was going to title this piece ‘Massive Dump!’ but I didn’t think it appropriate. (and it might also bring me some unexpected and unwanted attention, haha! =D )

First off, yesterday, I visited a garden centre near to where I live, I went with my father to get some fish-food for the marine tank and some new fish. Unfortunately, the goldfish were too expensive, although the Lemon goldfish were absolutely gorgeous. My dad said that he wanted to get some Orf, but they didn’t have any. So, instead, he bought some albino Corydoras catfish, for the tropical tank. They’re lovely and so tiny. I love catfish (to look at and never to eat! I’m vegetarian! ;D )

Here’s one of the catfish in the tank, being attacked by an arrow.


While we were in the garden centre, we saw some absolutely gorgeous dragon garden ornaments. They were, unfortunately, way too expensive to buy, so I had to make do with a couple of photographs! =D hehe.

Writing about dragons reminds me of a soft toy which I recently adapted. I am crazy about dragons and I collect everything I can on them – ornaments, soft toys, posters, books, you name it, if it’s available, I’ll get it! I saw a soft toy of a dinosaur in a local charity shop a couple of days ago and  I thought it would make a brilliant dragon. I decided to buy it as a new art project; I’m forever making things, as well as drawing and writing. I even like making jewellery and modifying clothing; anything artistic and I’ll do it.

Anyway. My dragon. Here are two photos – before and after shots.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and it was very simple to do. I merely cut out wing shapes from two sheets of felt, and stitched them to his back. I strengthened the structure of the wings with pipe-cleaners, which does the job rather nicely.

Also, there’s been some exciting new growths in the greenhouse lately. The sunflowers have grown, and so have the onions and the basil.

As it’s my dad’s birthday AND Christmas in December, I have started buying presents for  him. He’s into making mopeds out of old push-bikes at the moment, so I’ve bought a couple of books from Amazon about Vintage Motorbikes. (obviously, I will buy some more things for him, but this is just the start of it all.)

Vintage Motorcycles (Shire Library) Paperback


On Monday, I also posted a package to my friend in Germany; it’s her birthday in a couple of weeks time, and I wanted to make sure that she received her presents in time. In the same package, I also included her Christmas gifts, as I thought it sensible to do so, rather than send two packages two weeks apart! I really do hope that she likes her gifts! *fingers crossed*

Tonight, I watched a couple of videos. The first one is a trailer of the new xXx film (not a porn movie – the Vin Diesel franchise!) I do usually like Vin Diesel films; they’re fun and pass the time quite nicely! (my favourite is the Chronicles of Riddick, though.)

It looks okay, if a little cheesy. In a good way!

And the second video involves Chris Pine, and is completely mad.


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