Oooh snazzy!

Whilst deleting a lot of files from my tablet (in preparation for selling it), I came across an old video I recorded some years ago of the original cowfish I had, Loki, who died earlier this year. This video also features Spock the Midas Blenny, Jim the Mandarin Fish and Chris and Karl the clownfish. This was before they all moved to a much larger tank and before Jim was sold.

Original Loki from SS Long on Vimeo

Also, a new wood-burner (that my dad actually made because he’s an engineer and he’s good at that sort o’ thing!!!) has been installed in the greenhouse. And what a lovely wood-burner it is, so it is, oh aye.




And just for a laugh, I recently made a mask of Papa Emeritus from the metal band Ghost. (they’re one of my favourite bands. ;D ) I also stuck some wobbly eyes on it, just for even more of a laugh.







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