New growths in the greenhouse

There are more things growing in the greenhouse, which is exciting! Funny thing to get excited about, I know, but the greenhouse is new, the experience is new, everything is new, haha! Funny to think how I used to hate gardening when I was young dragonet, but now I love the greenhouse! =D

The sunflower’s getting bigger! *\o/*



There are now THREE peas shooting, which is exciting!


And there are two poppies sprouting, as well! Yay! I’ve only taken a photo of one though (beneath that yellow arrow! =D )



And randomly, as I’m still gearing up for Halloween, here are a couple of decorations that I made for the occasion! It’s a pot of Dragon’s Breath and a little spider! =D

(I really love Halloween, haha! It is my favourite time of the year, to be honest!)




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