Time for a list!


ETA: PLEASE NOTE: My Wattpad account is now for personal archiving purposes only. As of Feb. 2017, I am no longer using my Wattpad account as I have left the site completely. Thanks for understanding.

Because I’m actually running out of room on my Wattpad profile, I’ll have to transfer my list of winning entries (and other achievements) onto here. (ugh. That sounds so creepy and just ugh. Arrogant. That’s not my intention at all to sound like that.) Please bear in mind that there may be other things added to this list, so I might as well say it’s a WIP??? *fingers crossed*


-@WP_Holidays –

Written in Green Ink

Damned Garlic

In The Attic


Under the Moon


Crimson Regret

The Shadow Killer

Terralink Pack: King of London


3rd Place – Dragons of Fire and Ice: Reversed

1st Place – Graphics Contests – The Thief

2nd Place – Dragons of Fire and Ice: Nick of Time

2nd Place – Dragons of Fire and Ice: The Esterloch Baking Contest

-@thefictionawards –

Winner of October 2016 challenge – Pride

-@fright –

-1 of 3 winners of @fright ‘s Teeth challenge – Amazonian Terror


-@Fantasy_Community – The Esterloch Olympiad

-@ProjectRefresh –

1st place winner of Challenge #2 – The Drakkar Chronicles: The Way of the Drakkar

-@HistoricalFiction –

1 of 3 Halloween Contest Best books – Dead Man’s Clothing

-@CoffeeCommunity –

2nd place winner of the Winter Contest – Tales of the Georgia Vampires: Of Christmas Hampers and Coffee Makers

-@DangerousLove –

3rd place winner of the WInter Writing Contest – Alpha Bloodlines: Trouble in Munich


-@Mystery –

honorary mention of November 2016 challenge – Alpha Bloodlines: Concrete Jungle


-Featured Author in ‘Sharing Nightmares’ – Sharing Nightmares

– Contributor to the WattyWolves Tag-a-Long story – Tag-A-Long stories

-Contributor to storytellers-saloon The Drabble – The Drabble


-Finalist for ‘Creature Feature’ challenge – Attack on Esterloch


-Interviews with your Werewolf Authors – S S Long – Under the Moon

-Coffee Community Interview – 2nd Place Winner Winter Interview = S-S-Long (aka Alpha)


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